❀ The End For SpaceNat: A Tale Of Heartbreak

The CIA has revoked my Earth Visa and I’ve been forced to leave home after 200+ years. It’s not a coincidence these issues with my paperwork never occurred until I started the blog. This was a risk, no doubt, but the vast majority of America’s population automatically assumes anything involving aliens is a hoax so I thought I’d be safe — and more importantly — my passion for the Nationals could no longer be contained. The season’s just kicking into gear back in Washington and as I head off to deal with the bureaucratic nonsense, I’ll continue to watch intently. By late September my ship will touch down, just as our Nats begin to prepare for a World Series run…


…words can’t express my sorrow for not only missing the playoffs, but also the prospect of not returning to a planet I love so dearly. I will fight the (space)suits with all of my will and resources to earn my citizenship. I don’t want to leave. I believe it’s my right to stay. I hope justice prevails.

With love,


PS – If those motherfuckers never let me leave, there’s a 100% chance I’ll phaser my brains out.